News & Articles

Mark has contributed articles to British Rowing’s ‘Rowing Magazine’ (previously ‘Rowing & Regatta’).  Click on the links below to have a look:

‘The Right Gear’ (on Boat Set Up) : Rowing Magazine March 2011

‘Injury Prone?’ (on Common Rowing Injuries) : Rowing Magazine January 2011

‘Rowing and Growing’ : Rowing Magazine Nov-Dec 2010

‘The Shoulder Complex’ : Rowing Magazine October 2010

‘A Stable Spine’ : Rowing Magazine September 2010

‘Achieving the Catch’ : Rowing Magazine August 2010

‘The Hip Joint’ : Rowing Magazine June 2010

‘Stretch Your Horizons’ : Rowing Magazine May 2010

British Rowing is the governing body of the sport and is responsible for the training and development of rowers from grass roots level to high performance and Olympic athletes.  More information can be found on their website :